Your health is very important to us! HealthFirst has an active program for measuring and reviewing the quality of care we provide. We use a Quality Assurance Plan to gather data on the way we deliver healthcare services and the specific measures of the health of our patients. During office visits, patients review measures of their individual health (for example, your blood pressure) with their medical providers. On the agency level, we look at what services and practices help patients achieve the best changes for positive health. All individual data gathered is shared only with the patient it pertains to. Only aggregate data is shared with outside measurers of quality.


HealthFirst Family Care Center, Inc. reports on quality indicators involving all major aspects of client health outcomes and our overall clinic operations. These indicators are compared to national standards to help us monitor how we are doing and how to improve our programs. The staff at HealthFirst works tirelessly to ensure that our clients receive the highest quality of care. In order to do this, it is important that we strive to meet our clients customer satisfaction expectations, improve the quality of care given, and provide cost-effective care.


Patients are encouraged to complete a survey card during their appointment. We want to hear from them about their experience at HealthFirst, satisfaction levels and suggestions. We use this information to make changes and improvements that help to better meet the patient’s needs. 


At HealthFirst, we monitor and report on over 30 quality measures. These measures are considered to be the standards to which all healthcare providers should strive to achieve. The individual client and his/her healthcare provider review these clinical measures on an annual basis to monitor changes in the clients health over time. These measures, when looked at across the agency and in comparison, to other health centers, help us to measure the success of our programs and services and make changes to better serve the client.


HealthFirst is a business, and like any other business, we monitor our costs and income carefully. We work toward providing the best services we can with the most reasonable cost to you.