At HealthFirst, we believe that behavioral health and physical health are inter-related. It has been proven that providing behavioral healthcare in a primary medical care setting is cost effective and can lead to improved client health outcomes. As an organization we strive to make services affordable and convenient.

The counselors on staff at HealthFirst are available to meet with you confidentially regarding mental health concerns. Our Licensed Clinical Social Workers and Clinical Mental Health Counselors offer services as an integral part of the HealthFirst Patient Centered approach.


Mental Health services are offered and customized for every client throughout their life cycle. Some providers can assist with areas of anxiety, depression, grief, trauma, and substance use, while others can focus on individual, family, and marriage counseling. Our counselors also provide telehealth services to be able to meet your best needs and provide you services from your own home without needing to enter the office.

One in four Americans experiences a mental health issue. Our team of skilled behavioral health professionals will partner with you and your loved ones to create a personalized treatment plan. If you would like to work with an Integrated Behavioral Health Consultant, please talk to your provider about setting up a referral or call our office to schedule your own appointment.


HealthFirst is a family practice, and we recognize that children of different ages have varying mental health care needs. We have staff available to assist guardians with family and child mental health and behavioral issues. We have knowledgeable staff that will work one on one with your child to help identify, establish, and meet goals. Some common areas of service include behavioral challenges, adapting and transitioning to a new family setting, regulating emotions, and learning how to cope with difficult situations. Our counselors are well connected with the schools in our communities and can help make services accessible to all families by meeting with children in the school they attend.


Our Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist can assist couples and families who are having difficulties in communication, perspective-taking, understanding one another, and creating and maintaining positive and caring dynamics within the partnership or family system. The approach is non-judgmental and helps guide each family member or partner to dig deeper into their own personal truths with the understanding that each person has their own truth and understanding of the current situation. Our therapist can then guide individuals to better communicate that in an effective manner and facilitate a conversation to increase understanding. Co-parents can be taught to develop skills to assist them in working together to raise their children while emotionally supporting them.