Welcome to HealthFirst Family Care Center, Inc., where putting the patient first has always been our mission. Your healthcare team works in partnership with you to ensure your involvement in the decisions affecting your care.

HealthFirst delivers primary healthcare services through intervention, prevention, and education. Healthcare services are provided by a full range of health professionals who are licensed in New Hampshire in their respective fields.


HealthFirst provides a one-stop location for many health needs, including primary medical care, behavioral health, laboratory tests, and a variety of health maintenance programs. We use a preventive, patient-centered model for the family practice of medicine. Patients who register with HealthFirst are assessed for health risks and acute problems, and then a care plan for delivery of health, social, nutritional, and other supportive services is made jointly with the patient. Our clinical staff is organized in service delivery teams to assure continuity of care and ongoing case coordination, even outside the doors of HealthFirst.


HealthFirst is able to refer clients to specialists and hospital-based services. When our clients are hospitalized, we are available to assist with discharge planning and follow-up services.


HealthFirst works with Quest Labs for processing most labs unless the patient specifically asks for a different lab option. 


HealthFirst Family Care Center, Inc. provides primary care to men and women, moms and dads, grandparents, and great-grandparents. Our team of healthcare professionals is qualified to care for you through all the stages of your life. We are well versed in working with Medicare-specific services such as wellness checks and illnesses which are more common in senior citizens.


HealthFirst family practice medical providers are available to supply care for your childs physical and emotional well-being from birth up to their college years. We offer Well Child screenings to identify potential development or behavioral issues and to provide families with the resources needed to allow children to realize their potential. Screenings include the areas of infant mental health, educational readiness, early literacy, physical development, behavior, and parent/child relationships. Children diagnosed with developmental challenges receive targeted follow-up by our team of medical providers. Additionally, we offer information and referrals to community-based resources that will meet the familys needs.




HealthFirst has social workers on staff in each location who are available to provide case management and outreach services to all HealthFirst clients. HealthFirst works closely with the resource center to interact with as many community members as possible. Our social workers can assist with services regarding food, housing, electric, rent assistance, and more.


HealthFirst offers seasonal flu shots. These are available in convenient flu clinics and by individual appointment.

Clients aged 65+ may set an appointment to receive the pneumonia vaccine.


A model approved by the State of New Hampshire Division of Public Health is used in this program. Our dental hygienist travels to individual schools at a prearranged time, date, and place. She meets with children whose parents have given written permission for to perform an oral exam and provides them with individualized dental health education. A written report of the dental visit is sent to the parents to explain any significant findings; and should it be necessary, a referral to a local dentist is included for additional treatment.


Whether you have asthma, diabetes, or high blood pressure, HealthFirst staff will work with you to ensure that you get excellent care coordination, supporting your efforts of managing your condition for healthy results.

We can provide specialized education:

  • Specific education about your chronic condition
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Developing self-management goals
  • Education classes and workshops

We work with you to identify your self-management plan and then provide you with the tools to help you with overall management of your illness. This approach results in a reduction of symptoms and an increase in your overall quality of life.