Hannah Stutts accepted a position at HealthFirst Family Care Center, Inc. after working at the organization as an in-locum Nurse Practitioner for six months. Previously, she worked extensively with elderly patients from the Medicare population, where she provided targeted referral and diagnostic testing for chronic and newly identified health conditions. Before graduating from the Family Nurse Practitioner Program at the University of New Hampshire in 2012, she worked as a Registered Nurse at two acute care hospitals. During her nursing career, she had the opportunity to care for pre- and post-open heart surgery and cardiac catheterization patients, in addition to managing the care of mechanically ventilated and tracheostomy patients, helped manage medical and surgical patients, and serve as a shift resource nurse to her co-workers. Hannah also served as a preceptor and mentor to numerous student nurses and helped guide the careers of newly graduated and hired staff nurses. While in the Family Nurse Practitioner Program, she was fortunate to experience various clinical rotations including urgent care, pediatrics, primary care, and family practice. She is a welcomed addition to the HealthFirst team, one who brings valuable experience and knowledge to the organization.

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