Diabetes is a disease that most people find challenging to manage.  Millions of people have diabetes and millions more go undiagnosed.  Several risk factors for diabetes are your weight, how active you are, family history, ethnicity, and age.  So, when you come to HealthFirst for your next appointment with your provider, ask to be screened for diabetes.

At HealthFirst, our diabetic patients are seen every three months.  And, every month at alternating sites (Franklin or Laconia), HealthFirst has a Diabetes Clinic.  Each diabetic patient is seen by their provider, a Certified Diabetes Educator, and a Registered Dietician Nutritionist.  It’s like one stop shopping!  Get all your questions answered at one appointment.

HealthFirst manages your diabetes, in part, by using in-house testing.  That means we can do Hemoglobin A1c (which is a three-month average of your blood sugars), cholesterol, and microalbumin testing (which checks to see if your diabetes is affecting your kidneys), on the day of your appointment, with results of each test ready in less than ten minutes.  Then, you can discuss the results with your provider and make any necessary changes, if needed.

The staff here at HealthFirst want to help you manage your diabetes, and help you cope with and understand changes that may need to be made to live a healthy life with diabetes.

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